Bonke Abantu Recycling & Waste Management

We are a multi recycling company striving to to conserve the environment and creating awareness.

About Us

We are operating in the Mpumalanga area ; Witbank and Middelburg for the past 5 years with a fleet of 11 vehicles.
The market awareness of recycling all types of items including hazardous and non- hazardous materials have grown tremendously and larger companies have realised the negative effect on the environment should these materials not being processed in the correct and effective manner.
The benefit of our services includes the following:
Full record of
all waste generated on a monthly basis, reducing your company's carbon footprint.
It will also assist in reducing cost. (Volumes of all waste items can now be checked and unnecessary wastage can be stopped)
Cradle to cradle explanation as to what happens to the waste that your company produces.
Management of all waste produced is done through one company.
Conducting all business activities with honesty and integrity.
Adhering to safety procedures at all time

Contact Us

Phone: 013-6565304
16 Choppin Street
South Africa

More Information

Waste Management
Assistance with audit process
Compliance and Paperwork
Training in identifying recyclable material and the impact on the environment
Waste skip removal and hire.
Management of hazardous waste.
Promoting environmental events